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Drink called star fucker

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Les ancetres fonderaient en larmes s'ils voyaient comment se comporte leur posterite. eux qui etait croyants

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Comments (24)
Vigore 18.05.2018
... with a chainsaw.
Malagor 29.05.2018
Maria, you with someone, babe?
Tolabar 30.05.2018
Assassination would very quickly lead to civil war.
Mazugul 05.06.2018
The benefit of atheism:?
Kagajar 06.06.2018
Looks like we made it song google it...
Akimuro 15.06.2018
Another lecture in physics. Read slowly.
Arajora 17.06.2018
Hope Eve didn't catch them.
Mozragore 19.06.2018
Atheism is absence, not freedom.
Nikus 23.06.2018
WLC could certainly learn about not being an ass.
Ketaxe 02.07.2018
Yes! I'm at home.
Kigarisar 02.07.2018
Where is the lie?
Juzil 08.07.2018
There is nothing difficult for God to do
Juzuru 13.07.2018
It's my obligation to make yall laugh
Gojind 22.07.2018
More "Fraidy Cats" in the Press and Media.
Bashura 01.08.2018
Do you enjoy your job?
Viran 06.08.2018
hahahAAhahaHAHA so good little commie yass
Zololrajas 14.08.2018
It's a resolution, not a law.
Basida 18.08.2018
Good morning gorgeous ?? ..sadly heading back into work
Kagajas 23.08.2018
Funny how both Adam, and Eve have navels.
Meztijinn 31.08.2018
I was rooting for the bison....
Yole 02.09.2018
Why only churches? There are other religions.
Nikot 07.09.2018
Could not see wasting some of God's gift.
Yozshugore 09.09.2018
It was illegal and had to fall apart.
Shaktibar 18.09.2018
Isn't that all you ever do?

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