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Show us the connection? How was Trump's election connected to crimes decades ago? How do Russians having Facebook and Twitter accounts, which they have had for decades ever since the Internet, and always used to peddle influence, implicate Trump? Indicting Russians who will never be tried, never appear in any Court is not a waste of time? A waste of taxpayers' money? Of course it is.

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Maulabar 29.03.2018
I have considered the possibility of being wrong.
Dait 06.04.2018
My cast isn't very clean anymore :-(
Vudosar 08.04.2018
Evidence For Biblical Exodus and Historicity of Biblical Kings
Malalabar 10.04.2018
I hate lies totally!!
Mazujind 19.04.2018
I can't find something I didn't write. Liar.
Mauran 26.04.2018
Sessions means the Christian Religious Liberty Task Force.
Tygorisar 06.05.2018
Please prove me wrong about the numbers.
Nagal 10.05.2018
I don't think it's just pollution that's causing this.
Voodoot 18.05.2018
Hey Liger welcome to the party
Kataur 22.05.2018
It?s a kind of learned mental illness.
JoJojas 01.06.2018
No one?s listening to the deplorables ?If? conditions anymore.
Tygonris 07.06.2018
That's nice .. I'm from India
Moogulmaran 11.06.2018
Has nothing changed in 250 years?
JoJosida 19.06.2018
I can be a lot of things...
Tojadal 27.06.2018
No no no no!
Tajar 03.07.2018
Haha, no one else like it,really?
Samugar 05.07.2018
This year and last haven't been business as usual.
Zoloshicage 14.07.2018
No wonder they're reaching out to Russia.
Faezuru 16.07.2018
"Life is beautiful "
Fenrik 21.07.2018
That would also work on the Mexican border.
Mishura 31.07.2018
To what contradictions are you specifically referring to?

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