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So does Christianity. To compare apples to apple, we would need to compare the religions together, and the figureheads together. That is Jesus to Mohammed, and Christianity to Islam. Otherwise, it's too easy to set up straw-man arguments and judge figureheads on the modernity of a faith either man would scarcely recognize.

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Henriettea pornstar pink velvet
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Comments (18)
Dalabar 18.08.2018
Could anybody convince you to be gay?
Akinobei 24.08.2018
Jesus only talked about one couple for man-woman.
Vidal 01.09.2018
" scored highly in the "Social Progress Index," LOL
Basho 06.09.2018
I disagree with the premise. Love is a choice.
Fenrishakar 11.09.2018
So choose a different line of work.
Tetaur 19.09.2018
The Post Office is a joke
Grolar 20.09.2018
It may rarely happen, because they're not delusional .
Akinotaur 26.09.2018
What do you do for a living??
Arasar 06.10.2018
oh, you're a mod too... you're every-flippin-where. (probably India)
Torn 06.10.2018
As a lady I prefer to have butt o??
Dakasa 10.10.2018
Sugardaddy runs outta $ for my new shoes
Tataxe 17.10.2018
Hope you are too.
Kazrazragore 26.10.2018
Make like a tree and leave?
Kagataur 05.11.2018
You truly a laughable dupe Joey..
Vudojar 13.11.2018
No it is learned, not taught.
Zulkirg 20.11.2018
hey, I like it.
Zulum 23.11.2018
Yes, very cleverly spoken. And classy!
Voodoogami 24.11.2018
No they aren't. That's a lie as well.

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