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» » Facial paralysis due to nerve damage4

Facial paralysis due to nerve damage4

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She's wrecked her future over the results of an election. And the sad/funny part is that Trump's victory likely wouldn't have impacted her life in any personal, meaningful way if she was otherwise normal.

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Facial paralysis due to nerve damage4
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Tygonris 01.08.2018
Really, is that why Castro lived for so long?
Kagajas 07.08.2018
Good morning James how are you??
Tojat 09.08.2018
Why do u say that? ??
Mautaxe 10.08.2018
It has many good lines.
Vogor 19.08.2018
Since the days of Al Capone.
Yozilkree 23.08.2018
I see your eyes are the same as mine
Zuktilar 29.08.2018
I'm having more fun than you
Tygojas 08.09.2018
I don't know when the books were written down.
Negor 11.09.2018
One of Al Sharpton's acolytes?
Zulkigrel 17.09.2018
Nigeria and most of his beloved muslim countries
Samugore 26.09.2018
And all must have prizes!
Menris 01.10.2018
- The Dead Sea Scrolls
Tojara 05.10.2018
Please find an American who:
Sazuru 08.10.2018
WTF? Please make sense. I cannot respond to nonsense.
Nimuro 17.10.2018
SS Splendid, that got a laugh out of me.
Shakazuru 22.10.2018
You have no real feelings.
Goran 23.10.2018
Like, Your marriage is against God ?
Gagore 27.10.2018
Kiss up to terrorists. Great.
Goltiramar 27.10.2018
there's literal communists in here :(
Terr 31.10.2018
I don't read spam.
Daik 07.11.2018
Other counties do still report news.

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