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In stockings anal two

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I've made my points to you and others elsehwere, you choose to ignore or discount them. What else am I left with but scorn and ridicule for you who choose to be obstinate and unteachable?

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Comments (22)
Turg 04.04.2018
"Why are the planets considered "pagan?"
Kagatilar 13.04.2018
Again impossible to tag the printing materials.
Kigajin 14.04.2018
Great list. Really explains liberal thinking.
Shaktiktilar 20.04.2018
Quotes aren't editorials April. You're a flake.
Nataur 23.04.2018
What a handsome headless fella ...????????
Sharg 02.05.2018
"I did not have sexual relations, with that woman..."
Tar 11.05.2018
What evidence demonstrates this?
JoJodal 19.05.2018
Biblical fact--talk about an oxymoron.
Voodoozahn 28.05.2018
I'm afraid I don't know what you mean.
Goltibei 04.06.2018
Tremendous trembling from Trump's Tweets!
Volar 13.06.2018
Pleas explain this position?
Kagasho 20.06.2018
did the guy in this article sound like Jesus?
Gardajind 01.07.2018
There are far more than just one.
Yozshujinn 05.07.2018
Hi Red, how's life?
Kazralrajas 16.07.2018
That is my point.
Samujar 16.07.2018
I know what he is
Moramar 23.07.2018
It was common in Christianity in Greece and Italy.
Kajile 25.07.2018
Let us see if you have answered anything, okay?
Tor 04.08.2018
Freedom of choice... yawn
JoJozahn 10.08.2018
You'd find in The.Luciferian.Doctrine.pdf
Akinozil 15.08.2018
We won?t owe them anything once they are dead.
Daikasa 24.08.2018
I love how annoyed you Cons get...

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