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My butt hurts when i poop

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Studied them? No. I'm extrapolating from the Christian faith, which I have studied and quite extensively. The Old Testament, New Testament and Catholic doctrine, specifically. Those documents can and are used to justify almost anything you can imagine from segregation and ethnic cleansing to peace on earth and goodwill toward men.

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My butt hurts when i poop
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Comments (16)
Akinolmaran 18.07.2018
I take a fifth.
Mezikinos 19.07.2018
reminds me of the joke
Nikosida 22.07.2018
What is "it" and where did it come from?
Kagashakar 30.07.2018
Naughty naughty Haha okay big .??
Yobei 06.08.2018
Thanks for sharing your beliefs with me.
Nelkree 09.08.2018
Build a Wall at the Children's cancer center then.
Gocage 14.08.2018
Your troll pal here again Lexus
Nataxe 24.08.2018
Moogumuro 28.08.2018
Then they need to compromise and work together.
Kigagore 28.08.2018
hahahahahahaaha for love birds....
Zulkijora 31.08.2018
Meh, 1 short visit to the local range.
Doubar 01.09.2018
go rite a head
Dami 02.09.2018
Ugh. That's an apologist's justification, nothing more.
Shakaran 11.09.2018
So what's this about
Brara 17.09.2018
Not a very tasteful joke.
Fektilar 21.09.2018
Trust I seek and I find in you

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