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Give it time. The world is changing. That is why the bigots are so upset.

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Comments (27)
Volkree 09.07.2018
Hahaha something like that
Kagakus 17.07.2018
ESPECIALLY those of you on the jury.
Shakacage 23.07.2018
seem the be the going thing.
Dailrajas 25.07.2018
Yeah, you do. Stop doing that.
Vikazahn 04.08.2018
Do you know what evidence means?
Mikam 14.08.2018
Since when do they manufacture guns for baby hands?
Tojajin 15.08.2018
It is based on faith, not claim of fact.
Nagal 19.08.2018
hehe...hope so wanna join??
Kajilar 26.08.2018
You never heard of indentured servitude? I doubt that.
Togrel 02.09.2018
Sell those on canal street with bong attached.
Sar 11.09.2018
He was an absolute fool,good riddance to him!
Mishicage 13.09.2018
4. (Partially)The universe will play out it?s determined future.
Migrel 19.09.2018
I'd offer them in a pump as well.
Akidal 22.09.2018
you are and how the world works I think.
Jushakar 25.09.2018
outlets like breitbart count on it.
Yosida 26.09.2018
then according to the screaming, they've reached their limit!!!
Meztishicage 30.09.2018
Ahhh I see. Its been long time!
Zurr 02.10.2018
And that is ashame, isn't it?
Mezidal 08.10.2018
He's not fooling you, is he??
Judal 15.10.2018
Insults from a Christian. Typical!
Kiran 24.10.2018
change you email address on your acct.
Nekus 01.11.2018
Speaking of that, are they even still around?
Kelkis 04.11.2018
So very much this.
Doran 11.11.2018
Anxiety is real serious problem for me
Yosho 14.11.2018
Excellent writing, Weary Traveler!
Fetaur 15.11.2018
Lol. And now we have come full circle.
Zulum 16.11.2018
Don't fall in love with him :P

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