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Bisexual men personals

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Sense of humor is top of the list...And put up with my silliness is next. And respect both ways for all our differences...

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Bisexual men personals
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Comments (29)
Digor 23.08.2018
Trump is a pyromaniac
Mikagar 25.08.2018
I have a crush on a Scorpio
Faeshakar 29.08.2018
Those are real names of beers! Lol
Nam 04.09.2018
This is not an answer, it's mumbo jumbo.
Maumi 06.09.2018
LMAO! Me too! His wife would sure be surprised!
Nale 07.09.2018
Please, please let it be so!
Goltill 10.09.2018
These OPs get weirder and weirder.
Fauktilar 12.09.2018
Lol you?re so clever!!
Yohn 20.09.2018
Amen! Need real judge like this.
Dojas 23.09.2018
lovely and kind question, thank you!
Tutilar 02.10.2018
Is that a gun slinging duel you?re challenging?
Salabar 07.10.2018
I can tell you in a minute, puta cana
Sagor 13.10.2018
Immanuel Kant was a real pissant
Mezinris 14.10.2018
The family also appears to be brain dead.
Gardazil 23.10.2018
Like I said, your loss.
Vudorr 01.11.2018
Simply another reason I wil not use Google.
Mejin 08.11.2018
Not sad at all.
Meztilar 12.11.2018
She?s not very sensitive...she?ll be aight ??????
Aragis 17.11.2018
51% of immigrants are on welfare.
Faesida 20.11.2018
Taxpayers vs population %
Mikak 25.11.2018
If a gal, the way I walk
Meztijinn 01.12.2018
Yes. You did. By omission.
Meztijinn 11.12.2018
Well done! I feel the same.
Shakak 13.12.2018
Now I know .... If I new??
Nitaur 19.12.2018
Trump can... and does.
Vigore 28.12.2018
I hear that's the "baddest part of town."
Akilabar 02.01.2019 don't have to clean up after them....
Akim 03.01.2019
He lied under oath.
Tygoktilar 14.01.2019
And that is truly sad.

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