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Not quite; but tell Tommy Tutones I got Jenny's Number.

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Comments (26)
Brazshura 26.05.2018
Don't bring religion into this.
Dazil 28.05.2018
That was a two part request: Please
Shakora 02.06.2018
Only one side killed someone though.
Arashikasa 07.06.2018
Bible quotes are not an answer. Have anything concrete?
Mazuktilar 16.06.2018
Your welcome. You do such nice work.
Dolar 21.06.2018
Nobody is born straight or gay.
Kajigor 30.06.2018
Los die arme vrou uit.
Arami 08.07.2018
That's a nice word for him.
Zoloshakar 12.07.2018
They are highly relevant. Our inheritance.
Zulkikinos 17.07.2018
will do, and thanks, signed, the goat.
Kebei 25.07.2018
When Billy is around the jokes write themselves.
Goll 27.07.2018
Meaning it's complete gibberish.
Yozshujind 02.08.2018
I see it as a container for life.
Zulurr 05.08.2018
That mitt is missing the thumb piece.
Yozshurisar 09.08.2018
Here's your sign son
Dukasa 16.08.2018
How do you know her?
Shazuru 18.08.2018
No one can. Their faith is an illusion.
Akirg 27.08.2018
Too many brown people, gays, etc here...
Moogukinos 04.09.2018
I am from india.
Zukree 04.09.2018
Fossils and DNA are Evidence , not proof.
Kigazshura 08.09.2018
Great to hear! Any plans for the weekend?
Vushura 16.09.2018
Keep the flava flowing!
Meztirg 25.09.2018
Again, not pissed off.
Nakinos 26.09.2018
I agree. We spend WAY too much on Defense.
Fauramar 29.09.2018
suit yourself, but i'm gonna watch.
Melmaran 04.10.2018
He seems new here.

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