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Again, the trolls lack the integrity to address the issues but hold and retain the bias of the bigots and idiots.

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Comments (16)
Kazrasar 30.03.2018
I have a brother who lives in Tampa.
Dojar 03.04.2018
Atheist. As I've said before.
Doulkis 09.04.2018
Yep, he won't be missed.
Julabar 17.04.2018
Please point out where I have ever denied it.
Kajilmaran 19.04.2018
It's the freakin weeknd now have you some fun
Akijin 28.04.2018
yet you avoid posting a link for some reason.
Mikara 05.05.2018
So please explain to us
Akigul 06.05.2018
Thank you! Will do!! ??
JoJok 11.05.2018
Not in expressing opinions. Only in very limited cases.
Sazshura 21.05.2018
Congress is there to impeach people like this judge
Kikus 31.05.2018
And are making bank.
Tojakazahn 07.06.2018
Atom ant was da man or I mean ant!!
Tosida 09.06.2018
Upvoted for humor. And for remaining cool under fire.
Tomuro 13.06.2018
First, at one point it did require evidence, yes.
Dikinos 20.06.2018
How are you sweetie?!?
Vubei 23.06.2018
Let's not substitute the terms, shall we?

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