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I'm, I mean, I don't wish to get silly with it, but, Space? I mean, it's a rarity it's a concern of mine, or my people, concerns might be many, but space just isn't concerning them, We have a big enough Moon-Man parading as President, who never seems to be anywhere but space in truth.

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Comments (26)
Vudolabar 29.05.2018
We'll get some target practice.
Yoktilar 04.06.2018
Ha ha! neither am I :-)
Grojind 06.06.2018
Haven't seen.him for some time.
Samutilar 10.06.2018
Sure, it wasn't ruled by the Zulus or xhosa......empty...
Voodoolkree 20.06.2018
First? Your confirmation bias is showing.
Shaktitaxe 27.06.2018
Does this only apply to Christians?
Kajigrel 02.07.2018
This person loves Thor
Jujin 11.07.2018
My kind of firefighters.
Grogis 18.07.2018
I had a dream one Hannukah that I'd converted!
Kagasar 24.07.2018
WTH is your problem?
Mazugar 02.08.2018
Who wants to be her opponent? ;)
Mikakasa 10.08.2018
I've always wondered that myself.
Shabei 16.08.2018
God answers our prayers (always).
Shakazshura 17.08.2018
Good visuals with the sphere ??
JoJom 27.08.2018
Thanks! You're a handsome doll
Shaktikora 30.08.2018
Lol! If you say so!??
Bataur 08.09.2018
could you just scroll up instead??
Nimi 15.09.2018
Thigh high for sure.
Arashikree 24.09.2018
Her birth certificate is in cuneiform?
Arabar 03.10.2018
Conservative Christians are demanding this.
Zulugis 08.10.2018
So let me get this straight.....
Gardakasa 10.10.2018
I was about to ask you the same,
Tetaur 14.10.2018
Don't forget Tawana Brawley!
Fet 23.10.2018
Say it with me:
Kazidal 28.10.2018
funny, you show that you don't believe jesus.
Gubar 07.11.2018
The problem isn't skin color, it is cultural differences.

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