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Swinging bells slot machine

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Aberration and corruption of the definition of a term to justify another aberration does not justify your application. The terms discrimination, bigotry, and such have been stretched beyond what the original definitions were ever meant.

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Comments (28)
Zolok 06.04.2018
All of the above.
Shaktigar 07.04.2018
Ha ha! You support crooks and lawlessness.
Yozshukinos 08.04.2018
What ?community? would that be?
Arakora 14.04.2018
I thought she moved to Canada??? /s
Kakazahn 17.04.2018
Hey! Don't speak ill of religion.
Nebar 26.04.2018
Okay. Thanks for the info.
Kagagis 01.05.2018
Hope you do! TTYL
Vozshura 11.05.2018
Why so early?? ??
JoJolabar 13.05.2018
Cap's shift never ends.
Dugami 19.05.2018
Is disagreement with something irrational fear to you?
Zulkigis 27.05.2018
Okay - 9 Letters, can cause bankruptcy.
Diktilar 06.06.2018
Good job Disqus. What's next, book burning?
Bralrajas 15.06.2018
This is your favorite gif isn't it
Arashik 21.06.2018
This is an English language channel.
Dagal 24.06.2018
Flagged for two reasons:
Yozshugor 30.06.2018
I am now free from my major transgressions.
Moogucage 05.07.2018
How to expose dumbness without trying.
Mile 09.07.2018
I feel the exact same way about believers.
Akinogar 11.07.2018
Not at all. It my own words and thoughts.
Zulkitaur 14.07.2018
a shot in the dark
Digul 17.07.2018
Wow, it's almost like your lashing out....
Faekazahn 23.07.2018
I thought Apple already removed him.
Yorisar 30.07.2018
O yes he is! See Deuteronomy 32:39 (KJV)
Shakakora 03.08.2018
?? Be still, my heart. ??
Kigajora 11.08.2018
They do but it?s fun!
Sagor 16.08.2018
So, you are okay with some kinds of discrimination?
Dajin 20.08.2018
but have you seen the dancing of today?
Shaktimi 22.08.2018
right, so they and the team can be fined

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