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You're wrong because of your earlier claim of a single man and a single woman as sole members of a single haplogroup. To my knowledge, no haplogroup has ever been found to have gotten that small.

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Comments (15)
Grom 16.08.2018
Not when you know it is supposed to be.
Taujar 19.08.2018
I did. I moved myself out of the Way.
Meztile 19.08.2018
Have you even read my post?
Meztikora 28.08.2018
As I said, you're an atheist already.welcome, TFCC!
Dinos 02.09.2018
hmm, maybe you're right.
Tolar 04.09.2018
The MAGA hat on jesus is hilarious!
Meztirn 11.09.2018
I miss chance .. :(
Tatilar 15.09.2018
Do you see them as predictions?
Vudokus 16.09.2018
that is a good point- travel for food.
Yogrel 22.09.2018
I usually do my Ethel Merman impression upon waking.
Zusida 28.09.2018
May God assist you
Zuluzragore 06.10.2018
Good Morning, Greenie!!! Are you online yet?
Golkree 14.10.2018
Many of Paul's epistles begin with of God.
Zulujas 18.10.2018
Don?t all lives matter though?
Maunos 21.10.2018
why don't you know if you are new?

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