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Boys under 10 having sex

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Sorry Dude but the Catholics are the real Christians. You don't get to come along 1500 years later and change the rules and claim the religion for yourself. Doesn't work that way.

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Daizilkree 26.03.2018
By pretending to know something I don't? No thanks.
Zulutaxe 02.04.2018
Yes, you can be hurt physically or emotinally.
Zulubar 09.04.2018
Ally of Hitler...first Ally, actually.
Vogal 10.04.2018
And i choose Ghost ????
Faemuro 16.04.2018
Well I hope a nice guy approaches you.
Kazil 24.04.2018
At least he's not asking you castrate yourself.
Faell 04.05.2018
Moses had two experiences;
Shagore 10.05.2018
"Blue Dolphin" can be the safe word :)

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