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Himself of course. Those people that thought up the christian god who is based on the jewish Abrahamic god of the old testament had to come with a different version of the Abrahamic god and unknowingly created one with a mental disorder.

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Dirty hot sex with ashley leach
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Kizilkree 19.05.2018
denier video at face value."
Sagis 22.05.2018
Correct, I posted what the article stated.
Dogami 25.05.2018
That's the junk you were responding to.
Mazuzahn 27.05.2018
I thought this was how right-wingers settled disputes?
Akile 03.06.2018
What Does Science Say . . .
Bashicage 11.06.2018
You?re absolutely full of shit.
Zugrel 12.06.2018
Care to explain how:
Faerr 15.06.2018
do you know about the tuskegee syphillis trials?
Muktilar 17.06.2018
That's when I do my best work :P
Nikojin 21.06.2018
A typical brow beaten conservative cuck
Nern 01.07.2018
The struggle is real
Kazrajora 01.07.2018
It's just a question.
Zulkira 10.07.2018
I've heard a lot of Thanksgiving prayers.
Kagakree 16.07.2018
Maybe they could get him for possession...........??
Faekazahn 18.07.2018
Look at it this way:
Manris 23.07.2018
I suppose you have considerable experience dealing with drunks!
Nicage 27.07.2018
That is a shame.
Mukasa 06.08.2018
Oww...hope yer OK today.
Akinomi 12.08.2018
Pull your pants up, Leroy.
Moogukora 19.08.2018
Lol wow, they REALLY like you!
Jugami 25.08.2018
Crying about Big Mean Hillary, little trumpie?
Yozshujin 26.08.2018
man, you're so ghetto.
Arazuru 31.08.2018
He is so dreamy!!
Tolabar 01.09.2018
I couldn't agree more.
Kazralkis 08.09.2018
Do you dye ur hair all by yourself?
Bak 13.09.2018
Trump is ot bigoted. Democrats are however.
JoJorn 15.09.2018
you cannot be both a ?Christian and an ?Atheist
Yozshumuro 25.09.2018
Do you deny Islamic sources?
Akigul 01.10.2018
Abortion is to protect one's reproductive system?
Mooguzil 07.10.2018
" scored highly in the "Social Progress Index," LOL

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