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Discipline without shouting or spanking

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Government guaranteed jobs for all..... that's Communism where the government owns everything and assigns everyone a job

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Zulunos 02.04.2018
Ah, yes, Americans know Hillary is a Girl Scout.
Gotaur 10.04.2018
she does have a special "thing"
Garr 20.04.2018
Pretty graphic. Those same pic's were In that book.
Nagore 24.04.2018
Freedom of opinion doesn't mean freedom from consequences.
Vuzuru 02.05.2018
U done yet? ??
Bracage 11.05.2018
Still nothing relevant to say.
Yozshurr 12.05.2018
OK, but why would you advise against it?
Malagul 16.05.2018
That makes no sense
Salkree 24.05.2018
He doesn't respond well to questions.
Akirg 25.05.2018
Take it to NNU.
Digis 26.05.2018
Innocent human beings aren't being killed.
Fele 03.06.2018
Ok so lets try this a different way.
Bakazahn 06.06.2018
You put together some words.
Tygolrajas 12.06.2018
Welcome to the community, enjoy!!
Dazil 15.06.2018
Lol! The one in the red suit?
Mecage 19.06.2018
That's funny with the kid grabbing the ladies butt
Kilmaran 24.06.2018
1. You are not Ezekiel!
Zulkilar 27.06.2018
Nail on the head...Good post.
Yosar 29.06.2018
Nothing wrong with censoring white terrorists.
Voodoom 01.07.2018
So how do you feel about scars ??
Shaktimuro 05.07.2018
Jesus - Is masturbation bad?
Shaktitaxe 12.07.2018
I never use my dishwasher.
Vibei 16.07.2018
as I said yesterday,
Zolomuro 27.07.2018
No love for Ganesh? He has pretty eyes.
Najora 27.07.2018
Human beings are not exceptions. Sin is an exception.
Akikora 31.07.2018
Yozshuzshura 08.08.2018
That'll be a Tenner.
Gucage 18.08.2018
Have a great weekend.
Mozshura 26.08.2018
Kagalrajas 28.08.2018
whats your goal with this type of post?

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