ZebraPay soon supports VEROS and Ethereum Money

Bitcoin Press Release: ZebraPay Global Solutions Provider Extends Support to VEROS and Ether Money. March 16, 2017 in Bucharest, Romania – The leading e-payment solution provider in Romania, ZebraPay will soon accept two more electronic payments. The platform announced the addition of two payment options, Ether and VEROS (VRS) in their payment stations.

Operating since 2009, ZebraPay has grown to become the largest network of payment stations in Romania. ZebraPay has over 2500 kiosks installed in more than 350 local locations across the country. ZebraPay expands its nationwide technology development in the 2011-2014 period to enable it to be recognized as the fastest growing technology enterprise in Romania.

ZebraPay soon supports VEROS and Ethereum Money


ZebraPay CEO Adrian Badea explains the use of the new electronic currency, saying:
“Innovation is a milestone for ZebraPay, so through this partnership we increase our investment in electronic money to meet the needs of our customers who are interested in the field of finance. This is a modern and accessible way to increase access to these services. The new electronic currency that we introduce is VEROS and Ether, which will help Romanian customers get closer to world trends. ”

ZebraPay payment terminals now support cash payments, NFCs, electronic wallets and electronic money. Until recently, Bitcoin was the only electronic money supported by ZebraPay. However, due to the growing demand for alternative payment methods, the company is planning to expand its electronic payment services and has just signed an agreement with VEROS to begin offering bar services. The math of electronic money VRS. Soon after, customers will be able to purchase VEROS through ZebraPay payment terminals.

Just a few weeks into its early days, VEROS electronic money has a long-term strategy to overcome the competition with other payment methods that have stood the test of time. As part of the strategy, VEROS is building the most popular services on the Crypto-One-Stop-Solution (COSS) platform, which is launched in less than a month. VEROS addresses the challenges of mass-market development by allowing the user community to control the distribution and value of digital money, independent of corporations such as mines. . All transactions with VEROS are secured by Ethereal’s intelligent contracts or the management of the identification, distribution and ownership of the cards. VEROS has built a strong affiliate network that is responsible for creating a market that uses officially recognized electronic and currency currencies, where the VRS is used as a local currency.

Second, only Bitcoin and Ether have the largest electronic money market capitalization and will be purchased at ZebraPay payment stations only in a short time. Ether is not only an electronic currency but also a valuable asset to the Ethereum network. Members of the Ethereum platform (startup, application development, etc.) have to pay for transaction processing and electrical power is consumed for all network activities with the Ether. . Although using such techniques, Ether coins can be bought and sold with Bitcoin on major trading platforms.
Each of the three types of electronic money (BTC, ETH, and VRS) that ZebraPay accepts has its own market, creating diversity – something that many people use electronic money for. The VEROS development team views this move as an important step towards expanding the e-money market, especially for the ‘friendly’ Romanian currency. Beginning next week, ZebraPay customers can purchase VEROS and Ether at replacement stations throughout Romania.

About ZebraPay

Founded in 2009, ZebraPay is a leading provider of self-service e-payments in over 350 towns across Romania. ZebraPay payment stations are found in major retail chains, universities, shopping centers, markets, petrol stations and convenience stores.

Introduction to VEROS

VEROS is a transparent and secure electronic currency designed on the basis of Ethereum Blockchain. Specially designed for everyday use and use, VEROS can be purchased on C-CEX and LiveCoin.

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